Guide to Computing

This colourful series of historic computers documents the evolution of design within our computing history.

Featuring such famous machines as the IBM 1401 and Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE and the Xerox Alto; Guide to Computing showcases a minimalist approach to design that precedes even Apple’s contemporary motifs.

What’s more, the combination of photography and retouching techniques has resulted in something wholly unique: the ageing historical objects as photographed, have been ‘digitally restored’ and returned to their original form.

As a number of these computers predate modern colour photography, Guide to Computing therefore showcases them in a never before seen context.


Many thanks to INK, The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), The Science Museum, Living Computers, The Computer History Museum CA and
Limited Edition prints from the series are now available in 11x14", 20x24" and 30x40" sizes. Xerox Alto, 1973 HDR75, 1970's IBM 360, Series 20, 1964 D4a, 1966 EAI PACE TR-48, 1962 CDC 6600, 1966 ENDIM 2000, 1950's PDP 8, 1965 Bendix G15, 1956 IBM 1401, 1959 Kenbak-1, 1970 Ferranti Atlas, 1962 MEDA 42TA, 1970's Harwell Dekatron, 1950's IBM 729, 1950's ICL 7500, 1970's Pilot ACE, 1950's